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Welcome to the Teator Research Lab at KU!

Our research is focused on diversifying the types of structures accessible to us through controlled polymerization and in turn developing new, functional materials. We’re working on developing new polymerizations, new monomers, and new post-functionalization methods. We target applications in a multitude of areas ranging from sustainability, high-performance engineering materials, and biomedicine. Research in the Teator Lab includes components physical organic chemistry, small-molecule synthesis, polymer synthesis, and polymer physics.

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Our team of students and postdocs conduct research at the interface of organic and polymer chemistry. Click to learn more about our lab members!
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Get to know all of our findings and view our library of current publications. Plus, check out the media coverage that our work has appeared in.
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Interested in becoming a part of our research or wanting to learn more about what we do in the lab? Feel free to reach out using the contact info on this page.
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Want to know more about how polymers are characterized, the unique instruments, and the facilities available in our lab? Check out the instrumentation of our lab using this link

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The Teator Lab is looking for researchers!
Open graduate, undergraduate, and postdoc positions are available! If you're interested in joining some exciting organic/polymer chemistry research projects, please contact Professor Teator:

Teator Lab News

The Teator Lab receives funding from the ACS Petroleum Research Fund (PRF)!

Professor Teator has been awarded an American Chemical Society (ACS) Petroleum Research Fund grant - the group's first external funding! The grant totals $110,000 and will be distributed over a two year period. 

Aaron Receives Non-Tenured Faculty Award (NTFA) from 3M!

Aaron Teator, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, has been selected to receive a prestigious Non-Tenured Faculty Award (NT

The Teator Lab Is Looking For Students!

The new semester is right around the corner and we’ve got some beautiful, brand-new lab space waiting for us!

Coming Soon: The Teator Lab At The University Of Kansas

Absolutely thrilled to announce that I have accepted a position as an assistant professor at the University of Kansas starting this fall! So grateful to all of my mentors, formal and informal, and the many others who have helped me along the way!